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21st Century Mall Survival Guide

Shopping malls and retailers are retrenching as a result of shifts in consumer preferences for experiences, and the emergence of online shopping. Many are finding and adopting innovative solutions to reinvent themselves for the 21st century.

A few of the more interesting changes include:

  • Department store conversions: Large spaces work well as fitness centers, churches, medical clinics and data centers
  • Food court changes: Revamped into clusters of higher-priced restaurants, good fit as gathering spaces for community groups or child daycare centers
  • Under-utilized atriums: Emerging as ideal venues for car shows or event spaces
  • Shop space: Redeveloped as apartments, art galleries, indoor farms, classrooms, and public libraries, DMV or government offices
  • Vast parking lots: adding light rail stations, residential and landscaped public spaces with walking paths and plazas for farmer’s markets and other events
  • Destination malls: adding experiential attractions such as movie theaters, bars, casinos, restaurants, rock climbing walls, laser tag, theme parks and roller coasters

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