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3 CRE Q&A: CBRE’s Asian Pacific Career Builders

By Dennis Kaiser

CBRE’s Lilian Cavaleri, business manager for the company’s Microsoft account, and Eric Chen, first vice president, Investment Properties, Capital Markets, have taken leadership roles in the company’s Asia Pacific American Forum (APAF). Cavaleri and Chen will serve as the Co-Chairpersons of the brokerage firm’s newest employee network group.

Connect Media wanted to find out what APAF is about, so we asked Lilian and Eric to share more about the group, how it helps build CBRE’s advantage in the marketplace and what their vision is for the network in the coming year.

Q: Why was the APAF started?

A: APAF is the first Asian network group for CBRE nationally. Founded in 2015, APAF is focused on helping CBRE attract, develop and retain Asian-Pacific-American talent, while advancing our business to serve the Asia Pacific marketplace. APAF is creating professional development opportunities that build skills and help members advance their careers. It is also focused on supporting CBRE local markets through volunteerism and charitable events, while building external connections to Asian professional organizations and Asia Pacific.

Q: What is the vision you intend to bring to APAF as new Chairpersons? 

A: We intend to rapidly grow our membership nationally, start implementing our key initiatives, and make sure our members have a place where they can share their ideas, feedback, and help one another grow. We also plan on adding activities for local chapters, and making APAF known outside of CBRE to attract and retain talent.

Q: What are some of the first steps and initiatives you will take in your new position with the APAF? 

A: Professional development and mentoring, business opportunities, internal networking events, community outreach, and membership growth. We will also focus on working with other employees located throughout our Asia Pacific offices.

Through a platform of connecting Asian and all employees within CBRE, this group allows a channel to share ideas, create local chapters for different regions, as well as connect the dots for employees for business opportunities, mentoring and professional growth.

Connect With CBRE’s Cavaleri

Connect With CBRE’s Chen

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