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3 CRE Q&A: Commercial Property Owners Utilize Technology to Keep Properties Safe During COVID-19

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By Dennis Kaiser

As the current situation with coronavirus continues to unfold, the use of remote monitoring technology in buildings and amenities will continue to grow and become a ubiquitous part of the new normal.

Connect Media had the pleasure to catch up with Chris Roy, Director of Creative Design for OTL, a design-build themed construction company that specializes in creating water features and themed environments for commercial properties around the globe. In this Q&A, Chris goes into detail about the tech tools property owners are using to monitor their assets and amenities while working remotely.

Q: What type of remote technologies does OTL use and how do they work?
Our firm utilizes computer-controlled systems in almost all of its projects. In real time, we are able to monitor a number of factors in commercial properties by the use of data connections to identify problems preemptively and make real-time changes proactively – which results in significant cost savings for property owners and building managers.

Additionally, OTL utilizes technology that can send out automated alerts to a property owner or facility manager if a fountain in their building shuts down unexpectedly, the water level is too low, chemicals are out of balance, there is a suction blockage, or the amperage draw on a pump is too high. This allows building management to respond immediately and determine if a technician needs to be dispatched to the site to address the problem.

Q: How can these technologies help commercial property owners and managers keep their properties safe during COVID-19’s mandates for social distancing and quarantining?
Utilizing remote technology is a great way for property owners to know what is actually happening on their properties and determine if an alert requires immediate action or a site visit.

OTL’s larger water feature projects employ webcams installed on light poles to confirm whether an alerted problem is real, if a technician should be sent to check on the project, and give the technician a better idea as to what the problem may be.
This safeguard is especially relevant if building owners are opting to dial down their maintenance services to trim costs or comply with social-distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Q: Where do you see this technology headed after the COVID-19 crisis is over and people return to their buildings?
: Computer-controlled connections, automated alerts, and webcams have become necessary tools for property owners and operators to keep their assets safe and secure 24/7. We believe that we will see more property owners incorporate these technologies into their properties as part of their preventative maintenance plan.

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