December 11, 2015 Comments Off on Five Ways Millennials Benefit Business Views: 538 Connect Classroom

Five Ways Millennials Benefit Business

Sometimes called a generation of “lazy and entitled workers”, millennials (people ages 18-34) have five outstanding characteristics that make them assets in the workplace.

Firstly, the group has grown up with technology as if it were an additional appendage on their body. Their technical efficiency and quick ability to learn new skills translates into better workplace productivity in today’s culture.

Secondly, since 1987, there has been an 80 percent increase in Master’s degrees per capita, meaning that this generation’s education levels are the highest in history.

Additional benefits of hiring employees from this cohort are: the strong ability to multitask, a new outlook on the traditional corporate structure that breeds a workplace of innovation and idea-sharing, and a non-complacent attitude to innovate and forward-think.



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