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Chipotle’s Got Beef and Closing to Investigate

More than 1,900 Chipotle locations are closing for the day on February 8 to hold a Food Safety meeting as the food chain has experienced multiple food poisoning outbreaks in recent months. In October and November, more than 50 people across nine states were sickened after eating at the restaurant, which has caused the company’s sales and stocks to take a hit.

As Chipotle investigates the cause of the various food-born illnesses, including salmonella, norovirus, and E.coli, the chain has already made dramatic changes to limit any additional harm to its customers.

Chipotle vows to work with its employees and suppliers to eliminate the problem, while facing federal criminal investigation and a lawsuit from shareholders.

According to food industry sources, temporarily shutting the restaurant “is a really smart move, and represents the ultimate corporate reset button.”

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