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A Map of the Underground

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Alan Leidner wants to create a unified map of all the pipes, tunnels and wires tangled beneath the streets of New York City.

Currently a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton, Leidner has already created charts of the water mains, subway stations and sewer lines, both working as a private contractor and for the city. His maps have already proven useful after the 9/11 terror attacks and during Hurricane Sandy.

Now, he wants to create a unified map, including information from electrical utilities that can be reluctant to share information.

Leidner is backed by the Fund for the City of New York, a Ford Foundation organization. And Mayor Bill de Blasio has allowed Leidner’s team to approach city agencies to discuss the project, which is “under active consideration” to receive the full support of the mayor’s office, according to Leidner’s team.

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