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A New Name, A New Home for Sony

Sony is reportedly renaming its gaming division, and relocating all associated operations to a 450,000-square-foot complex in San Mateo in April. Sources say Sony has integrated its two business units responsible for research, development and sales of the PlayStation into a single corporation, now named Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE).

SIE’s CEO Andrew House says the goal is to integrate at one location the “strengths of PlayStation’s hardware, software, content and network services operations” into a stronger and more collaborative group.

Growth of mobile gaming is cited as a reason PlayStation 4s units weren’t selling – especially in Japan – and a factor in the decision to move Sony’s hardware and games division to the U.S. This newest division will be combined with the PlayStation network group, at 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway, where Sony currently has about 1,300 employees.

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