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Addressing Construction’s Skilled-Labor Shortage

It’s no news that finding skilled labor for construction projects has been difficult. The topic made it into the “Design and Construction Week” conference, which took place in Orlando, FL, Jan. 10-12.

Labor will remain tight in 2017, according to the National Association of Home Builders. The issue, according to NAHB’s chief economist Robert Dietz, is continued housing demand. John Bissett with JM Weston Homes said the shortage is pushing delivery on single-family homes from 90 days (the height of the previous building boom) to 150.

But builders are coming up with some solutions, one of which is boosting vocational tech education. Bissett indicated that, in Colorado, the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs founded the Career Building Academy, which helps subsidize area high schools’ vocational programs. “We wanted to make sure that the kids knew that being in the industry was actually a pretty honorable thing,” he said.

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