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Afraid of Heights? Otis Unveils 886-Foot-Elevator Tower

Otis Elevator Co. has unveiled plans to build a 270-meter tall (approximately 886 feet) skyscraper in Shanghai, China. The sole purpose of the structure will be to test elevators. This will be the tallest above-ground test tower ever built, and will be Otis’ research and development facility.

The standard height for a typical elevator tower is 100 meters (a little more than 300 feet). But the construction of skyscrapers worldwide is increasing; and those skyscrapers are quite tall. Some examples include the 213-meter (approximately 700 feet) Hitatchi Gi Tower and 173-meter-tall (567 feet) Solae tower, both of which are in Japan. Meanwhile, the 205-meter (672 foot) Hyundai Asan Tower is in South Korea.

Such facilities are on the rise, as experts believe this year will be the beginning of the “megatall” skyscraper period.

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