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After GOP Bill’s Collapse Healthcare Marketplaces Uncertain

The GOP healthcare act overhaul effort has collapsed, leaving insurers, hospitals and states facing more questions than answers. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will remain in place for now, but uncertainty exists surrounding the future, including concerns over whether the government would continue to fund billions of dollars in medical benefit subsidies.

But for the immediate future, health companies and states won’t need to execute big cutbacks in Medicaid, as was expected if the ACA was ended. That is expected to be a boon for hospitals, doctors and states that chose to expand the program.

It may be temporary relief since the marketplaces will require more certainty and stability, especially in states where insurers are pulling back and seeking large rate increases for next year. Hospitals too are concerned that they will see an increase in uninsured patients if the insurance marketplaces aren’t stabilized, which would strain hospital finances.

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