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AirBnB’s Very Own City Is Fighting Back

On November 3, San Francisco will vote on Measure F, a ballot initiative that takes direct aim at its very own AirBnB. Measure F would limit short-term housing rentals to 75 nights per year, and include a fine to apartments that are listed as short-term rentals but aren’t actually registered with the city.

Advocates of the measure argue that sites like AirBnB are causing homes to drop off the market, at a time when there’s already a major shortage of affordable housing. The average monthly rent in San Francisco was reportedly $2,828 for a studio apartment during the first three quarters of the year.

Like many other political issues, the AirBnB situation has been divisive among local politicians, with Senator Dianne Feinstein in support and Mayor Ed Lee and Governor Gavin Newsom in opposition. AirNnB itself is not just sitting still and awaiting the outcome. With $8 million in ammo, the company is fighting back with a campaign to sway voters in its favor.

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