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Airbnb’s VP of Engineering Speaks to Sharing Economy’s Effects

By: Daniella Soloway

Hate it or love it, Airbnb’s growth seems to be unstoppable. Airbnb’s Vice President of Engineering Mike Curtis spoke to Megan Dickey at TechCrunch.com about the sharing economy’s societal impact, individual’s reservations, and governmental regulations of the burgeoning sector.

Here are Curtis’ main points:

  1. Accessibility: Airbnb’s accessibility promotes more choices. With more choices to stay when traveling, the quality of listings increases. Therefore, where luxury and comfort was once considered a niche market, it has now become a product for the masses.
  2. Trust: At the foundation of any sharing economy app or service is trust. People who rent their space to strangers, and strangers who choose to stay in an unknown abode, both rely on an enormous amount of trust. Despite being an online application and website, Airbnb’s technology focuses on the offline relationship between its rental hosts and users to establish a safe connection.
  3. Government Regulation: Laws that affect Airbnb and similar services were originated before the sharing economy ever existed. In order to properly promote and positively enable users, the government must find a way to fairly protect the sector’s businesses and consumers.

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