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Another Round of Airbnb Battles

May 3, 2017

A group of Airbnb owners from across New York has asked legislators to ease up on the company. They hope legislators will roll back New York’s stringent rules governing short-term rentals. Currently, landlords in multiple dwellings who rent their entire homes for less than 30 days can be subject to heavy fines.

Airbnb opponents wasted no time responding. “Tenants want to know their neighbors. They do not wish to have an ever-changing cast of characters live nearby,” said Sherwin Belkin, partner at law firm Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, which has represented building owners already in several rounds against AirBnB.

“Airbnb’s hoped-for legalization of rentals of less than 30 days does not address the many standard provisions in residential leases,” he continued. Rent stabilization and other laws also restrict occupancy by persons other than the tenant of record.

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