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Apple, Brookfield Residential, Lennar: The Future of Smart Homes

“Hey Siri, turn on the lights.” With Apple teaming up with home builders like Lennar, Brookfield Residential, and KB Homes, the integration of Apple’s products with smart-home technology is rapidly becoming a reality.

Apple is working with these home builders and various technology companies to integrate Apple’s services with HomeKit products, which is Apple’s smart-home platform. As of late, model homes have been built with roughly $30,000 worth of products that are compatible with Apple’s platform.

The reasoning behind the partnerships is that it is more cost-effective to build the smart home from the ground up, than retrofit an existing property.

One example of why people might want an Apple-compatible house: they can tell Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, to say, “turn on the lights”, or “get the coffee maker started”, or “unlock the door,” even when they’re miles away.

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