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Bay Area Exodus Fueled by Region’s Affordability Crisis

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The U.S. Census Bureau reports that more people are leaving the Bay Area than are relocating from other states. The five-county Bay Area lost a net total of nearly 35,400 people between 2013-17, not counting births and new arrivals from other countries.

The Bay Area Council Economic Institute’s Jeff Bellisario told the San Jose Mercury-News, “It is a troubling sign of the affordability crisis of the region.”

Still, immigration from international locations boosted arrivals higher than departures. California’s Department of Finance reported 44,729 people immigrated from other countries to the region between July 2017 and July 2018.

Joint Venture Silicon Valley’s latest Silicon Valley Index pointed out that 30% of tech talent aged 25-44 who moved to Santa Clara County in 2017 came from outside California, including countries like India and China.

Census data showed the largest outward migration occurred in Alameda County, with nearly 13,000 more people leaving than arriving. Santa Clara County followed with nearly 8,200 departures. San Francisco experienced the lowest net losses at just 1,385 people over those five years.

Among the states where Bay Area people moved to were Texas and Oregon. A net total of more than 4,000 people moved to Texas, while more than 3,600 left for Oregon. Other states where outbound people left for included Nevada, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Tennessee and North Carolina.

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