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Bringing the City into the Home

The city of Louisville, KY is trying to connect web-enabled home devices with city information systems. Right now, tests are ongoing between the city and a CNET Smart Apartment. The plan is to eventually connect the city, and its services, to the people who need them.

So, what goes on in the CNET Smart Apartment? For one thing, the apartment has Philip Hue bulbs that change color, based on Louisville’s air quality. If the city issues an ozone alert, the bulbs turn red. An Amazon Alexa, which lives in the apartment, receives a daily flash briefing from Louisville’s mayor. Other information can be shared through Alexa, including the next trash pick-up.

The program is requiring residents’ input, and coding-knowledgeable volunteers to connect the integrations. Additionally, residents need access to reliable, affordable, high-speed internet, while the price of smart home devices needs to be less expensive.

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