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California Legislators Set to Make Key Decision This Week on Rent Control Bill

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California lawmakers are set to make a decision this week about a statewide rent control and “just cause” eviction bill. The Senate Appropriations Committee will hear Assembly Bill 1482 on Aug. 30, and decide whether or not to move the bill out of suspense file status for the rest of 2019.

Last week, the committee voted to place the bill on suspense. That means a bill is set aside in order to consider its financial impact on the state.

AB 1482, authored by Assemblyman David Chiu, would cap annual rent increases at 7% plus the consumer price index, and would apply to nearly all of California’s rental units, including apartments and some single-family homes. Additionally, the bill would apply in jurisdictions where voters and local elected leaders have rejected rent control policies, though would not supersede locally-passed rent control laws.

Besides capping rents, AB 1482 would apply “just cause” eviction policies statewide.

Lawmakers must make a decision by Sept. 12 whether to send the bill to the governor this year. If AB 1482 isn’t moved off suspense Aug. 30, it would die for the year and become a two-year bill.

The California Apartment Association is lobbying for bill amendments including:
– A requirement that a tenant occupy the property for 24 months before the “just cause” and relocation provisions apply, rather than the current 12 months.
– Housing that has been issued a certificate of occupancy within the previous 20 years is exempt from the provisions of the bill, rather than the currently-proposed rent cap of 10 years after construction.
– The provisions within the bill will remain in effect until January 1, 2027, rather than presently proposed to sunset after three years.
– Clarify provisions within the bill to ensure local governments cannot impose stricter regulations on housing affected by AB 1482.
– Clarify the vacancy decontrol provisions, and provide clarifying language relating to just cause, rent and lease provisions.

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