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Camembert Cheese, It Could Soon Be No More

France produces 360 million wheels of soft-ripened camembert cheese annually. It is the second-most popular cheese in France, and is also eaten a lot in the United States. However, the Camembert de Normandie, wheels made to exacting specifications, could be going extinct.

The Camembert de Normandie, which is stamped with France’s exclusive “PDO” label, comes from cows in the northern Normandy province, and fed under strict guidelines. And, this particular cheese makes up only a little over 1% – 4 million – of the 360 million wheels produced, with that number dwindling as smaller farms manufacturing the hand-crafted soft cheese are swallowed up by the larger producers.

Furthermore, Camembert de Normandie isn’t imported into the United States, because it is made with raw milk. Anything aged less than 60 days can’t legally be imported into the U.S., and the Camembert de Normandie is aged for only half that time.

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