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CBRE Study Finds E-Commerce Impacts Retail Categories Differently

E-Commerce is generating significant volumes of sales in the U.S. electronics and clothing industries, but has yet to gain traction in other retail sectors, according to a CBRE Group, Inc., analysis of U.S. Commerce Dept. data.

Extensive e-commerce penetration has occurred in electronics and appliances, with a 19.5% share of category sales, or $20.4 billion, occurring online. Similarly, $24.2 billion of apparel and accessories sales occurred online, amounting to just 9.5% of that sector.

Other categories remain relatively unscathed, including food and beverage and motor vehicles, both under 0.1%.

CBRE’s retail researcher Melina Cordero says, “This new data underscores the categories that shopping-center owners will find most resilient amid online sales, including health care, food and beverage, and motor vehicles. One finding that might surprise some observers is that e-commerce accounts for a smaller percentage of apparel sales (9.5%) than many may assume, given recent store-closure announcements and current rhetoric in the market.”

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