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CBRE’s Juan E. Rose III on Strategic Portfolio Management

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By Dennis Kaiser

CBRE’s Juan E. Rose III is a director of asset services in SoCal, but he is also a member of CBRE Military, which is a group dedicated to recruiting, developing and retaining employees who self-identify as active, reserve or former military personnel. The group, which has grown to more than 300, helps set up employees for success within CBRE’s corporate environment and the real estate industry.

Prior to joining CBRE, Rose established himself as a subject-matter expert in defense financial management. As an agent of the United States Treasury, he managed more than $300 million in public funds and real estate assets. He was responsible for leading more than 200 professionals in a number of office, retail, industrial, medical, housing, and military intelligence projects across the world, in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your military background. How has your service to your country impacted your corporate career?
I served on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps for about 10 years, and have been a reservist for five. My career serving has been an amazing experience, filled with endless opportunities for growth and learning.

Currently, I serve as a Deputy Operations Officer for the Marine Corps Installations West Emergency Operations Center. Working out of Camp Pendleton, CA, our team coordinates the information flow during emergencies that may impact our facilities in the Western U.S. Serendipitously, there is a direct correlation between what we are doing in my unit, and what our teams at CBRE need to do to ensure the safety of the patrons in the properties we manage for our clients.

Some of the highlights of my time as an active Marine included two combat deployments: one to Iraq and another on a Marine Expeditionary Unit across the world. My military occupational specialty on active duty was as a Financial Management Officer. During this time, I completed the rigorous Certified Defense Financial Manager curriculum.

Q: Why did you decide to join CBRE, and what is your current role?
I am a director for asset services, serving the Greater Los Angeles region in Southern California. I am responsible for leading and providing strategic direction on an office and industrial portfolio of roughly eight million square feet. On behalf of different clients, I lead and resource teams of professionals in property management and operations to exceed revenue targets and minimize operating expenses. It’s been five years of incredible growth and learning at CBRE.

Q: I understand you were part of an Emergency Response and Restoration operations team in Downtown Los Angeles. Can you share what that project is about?
I volunteer with the CBRE Emergency Response team because it’s important to us that our professionals understand their responsibility for the safety of the people that occupy our buildings. Assessing and mitigating risk and establishing long-standing relationships with local authorities prior to a threat takes relatively little time, yet there are significant benefits in case we’re ever called to respond to an emergency.

Most recently, I led a team during a more-than $100 million emergency response and restoration operation for the city of Los Angeles, following the largest fire to hit downtown in late 2014. In less than a year, we relocated displaced personnel, restored a 16-story building and mitigated further damage. That led to the team being recognized globally as the 2015 CBRE Asset Services Outstanding Team of the Year, with three members earning recognition as CBRE Global Ambassadors.

Q: What advice do you have for others considering shifting into CRE roles from military service?
CBRE Military, along with our other network groups, give our company the ability to connect diversity with business strategy, and to consistently ensure the best possible client outcome. I have learned that we—as veterans—have the power to truly model behavior for our colleagues. We can empower others to take initiative, give more than we take, and exercise an entrepreneurial and integrative mindset. All of us can work together to truly exceed the expectations of our clients. Transitioning off of active duty into the private sector was one of the most difficult challenges—if not the most difficult—I have faced in my life. But through faith, everything is possible.

Over time, I’ve learned to become clear on my priorities and communicate them to those around me. Family is my top priority. My wife, who is also a leader at a Fortune 500 company and a Marine Corps Officer, is a true partner and is the foundation of our family. She understands the logistics involved to ensure that we spend plenty of time together with our children. We don’t take our leadership responsibilities lightly—in the private sector or in the military. Leading and providing for our family is the true cornerstone of success for us.

Keep your priorities straight.

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