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CBRE’s Lew Horne and Daughter To Be Honored for Making a Difference

CBRE’s Los Angeles and Greater Orange County Region President Lew Horne and his daughter, Christina Horne, will be honored at the 41st Annual Dinner of Champions on Thursday, September 29 at the California Science Center, a fundraising event to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

Three years ago, Christina was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disabling disease of the central nervous system, but she and her family didn’t let the diagnosis get them down. Instead, they’re investing the funds from their late son’s passing into research to cure MS.

Researchers still do not know the cause of MS, but it’s usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50. Since it’s hard to recognize and is not considered “reportable” (government doesn’t require physicians to report it), the actual number of those affected in any given year is virtually impossible to detect.

However, you can help find a cure.

For those affected and with family members who are diagnosed, Lew Horne shared some thoughts:

“We are all very fortunate that new therapies (14 in recent years) are significantly impacting the lives of those with MS.  As an example, because of great care by extraordinary doctors and these new therapies, our daughter, Christina, has been able to manage her MS and live every aspect of her life to the fullest.  As you know, many aren’t as fortunate.”

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