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Cities With Best and Worst Commute Times

No matter where one may go, residents in every city complain about the time they spend in traffic. released a study that measured average drive times in major metropolitan cities for workers’ commutes.

Surprising findings:
-National average commute to work is 27.2 minutes (2014), risen steadily from 26.4 minutes (2009)
-Los Angeles is at 27.6 minutes and didn’t make either best or worst list
-Renters have shorter commutes in 43 of 50 major metros than homeowners
– Millennials, who rent close to work, value a “shorter commute” over “lower crime rates”
-15.9% of working Americans choose “nearby public transportation” or “short commute to work” as the most important quality when choosing where to live

New York City: 34.8 minutes
Long Island: 33 minutes
Washington, D.C.: 32.8 minutes

Buffalo, New York: 20.3 minutes
Columbus, Ohio: 21.8 minutes
Hartford, Connecticut: 22.3 minutes

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