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Construction’s 2017 Forecast

Some things are likely not to change in the construction industry in 2017. Labor shortage will remain an issue, as will rising costs and uncertainty about the incoming President of the United States.

Other trends to watch out for, courtesy of Construction DIVE, include:

  • Increased usage of collaborative delivery methods, versus the design-bid-build model. Look for more project teams, versus silo mentalities.
  • Growth among modular, or prefab construction, which takes advantage of cost savings and streamlined schedules.
  • Higher use of Internet of Things (IoT) to cut costs and increase efficiencies; wearable technology and drone surveying will become more prevalent.
  • Virtual and augmented reality will come more into its own, being used for seeing errors ahead of time, and improving job safety.
  • A message change for the sustainable construction movement, with a focus on the bottom line, versus climate change implications.

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