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Corona’s 91 Freeway Project Won’t Be Enough

The city of Corona is facing a major traffic dilemma that may make Los Angeles traffic seem light. In an effort to alleviate the congestion, there’s $1.5 billion dollars invested to widen the 91 freeway, but the big job won’t be completed until 2017 and is unlikely to provide enough improvement to the current situation.

An estimated two million cars commute to and from Orange County on this route on a daily basis.  In its incipient stages, the 91 served a Corona community of just 13,000 people, but as Orange County real estate prices skyrocketed, there has been an influx of residents moving inland.

The dismal projection is that over the next 20 years, there is expected to be a 50 percent increase in traffic. On a map, the route between Orange County and Corona is shaped like a funnel, so officials know that the freeway widening won’t be enough to solve the traffic problem.

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