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Different Generations Want Similar Things from Live-Work-Play

Don’t be fooled by demographic stereotypes — Generation Xers, Millennials and Baby Boomers want some of the same things from live-work-play environments.

“The task for developers is to create spaces that can be programmed to keep their residents happy,” said Adrienne Albert, CEO and co-founder of the Marketing Directors. “Programming should be creative, it should be consistent and it should be constant.”

“Everybody is seeking choice and flexibility,” said Jamie Feuerborn, director of workplace strategy for Ted Moudis Associates.

“Leisure is something everybody wants,” said Nicole LaRusso, director of research and analysis for CBRE. “What stage of life you are in will determine how much money and time you have to devote to leisure.”

Not yet homeowners or parents, Millennials may have more money to spend on entertainment. “Food and beverage is a growing component of the Millennial spend, and that is a big part of the “play” in live-work-play.”

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