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Does Your Property Look This Good?

Commercial real estate is informed and affected by technological progress. A ubiquitous and recent addition to the industry, and its subsequent marketing of real estate is drones.

Although drones are everywhere, there are many misconceptions about the legality of their usage and the necessary experience needed to fly a drone.

Benefits of having a drone

  • Able to capture the same sort of shots as a helicopter, but much closer to property/talent and much less expensive
  • Adds dynamic views normal cameras cannot achieve
  • They’re built to be smart and help capture the best shots and add much more production value to your video project
  • Transportable, works anywhere on the planet
  • Add an element of fun to filming

Common misconceptions or questions answered

  • While the machine is intelligent, it doesn’t totally compensate for an incompetent pilot. Thankfully, most drones won’t enter or even start up in “no-fly zones”, such as airports and the large areas around them.
  • Many of the drones you will see people flying cannot carry much weight. Recreational or toy drones have only enough lift to get itself off the ground
  • There are a lot of rumors going around about the FAA and drones. There are not many laws about drones, but there are some.

The FAAs rules for drones:

1- Fly no higher than 400 ft.

2- Always have the drone in line of sight.

3- Do not interfere with manned aircraft operations.

4- Don’t fly near stadiums on game day.

5- Only fly over people involved in your shoot, unless it’s part of the production or style

6- Don’t fly anything over 55lbs.

7- Don’t be reckless or careless with your aircraft.

The FAA also requires that all drones be registered.

Most professional drone users are those who have backgrounds in aviation, or have been flying model aircraft for a long time.

At Connect Media, our drone operator completed schooling in aviation, and has over a year and a half experience professionally operating a drone.

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