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E-commerce’s Move to Bricks & Mortar

Amazon, considered the ultimate success of e-commerce, wants physical bookstores. Nor is the gigantic e-tailer the only one. Warby Parker and Bonobos are opening physical spaces, mostly as showrooms.

What’s happening seems to be a reversal of the trend 10 years ago, when brick-and-mortar retailers focused on strategies to move online. But, according to Jesse Tron with the Dealey Group, there are three reasons why retailers are moving from the virtual to the physical.

The first is physical itself, as physical stores tend to be the best solution to the so-called “last mile” issue. Second, consumers tend to prefer a ship-to-store option, as well as “return to store;” since it avoids shipping costs. And third, there remains a social aspect to shopping that is difficult to duplicate online.

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