Connect Featured Series: Emerging China

September 29, 2015 Comments Off on Emerging China – Featured Series Views: 437 National News

Emerging China – Featured Series

Connect Media’s Special 5 – Part Report

Emerging China - Featured Series

How China’s Economy Impacts U.S. Commercial Real Estate

Everyone in the commercial real estate industry is talking about how problems with the Chinese economy will impact the country’s major holdings in the United States. But what do people really know?

Connect Media spoke with commercial real estate leaders, dealmakers, smart economic-policy advisors and street-wise investment industry observers about the recent turmoil in China and how it might play out across the United States. They shared insights into what’s taking place, why it is happening, who’s involved, where impacts are expected and what commercial real estate industry players need to know now.

Look for our special report to run throughout the week starting on Sept. 28!

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