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Entrepreneurial Power Duo Join Kennedy Wilson and Share Insight

Jordan Rubinstein (pictured right), founder of Century Park Realty, Inc., along with esteemed colleague David Pressberg (pictured left) joined Los Angeles-based Kennedy Wilson as vice presidents. After successfully growing their own start-up firm, the influential duo shared with Connect Media’s Daniella Soloway how their past will contribute to their success and future with Kennedy Wilson, as well as what led them to being open to the career move.

DS: What attracted you to Kennedy Wilson? 

JR: Kennedy Wilson’s brokerage division has a true entrepreneurial spirit, while emphasizing the power of the team and maintaining a boutique identity; a unique recipe that you don’t find among the other institutional brokerage firms in the market.

When I started Century Park Realty we had a strong company culture that I believed in and that contributed to the immediate success of our business. Fortunately, a similar culture and identity exists here at Kennedy Wilson, and we expect to continue cultivating that. Except now, we have institutional resources and capabilities coupled with an environment of seasoned professionals – together it provides great synergy for success.

DP: Kennedy Wilson’s large reputation both in and around Los Angeles, as well as their global presence, was most intriguing. At Century Park Realty, Inc., we had retail accounts, but the focus was split between that and residential brokerage operations and investment sales. Here, I’ll be able to leverage the name brand of Kennedy Wilson to help attract national retail accounts. Although the move to an institution like Kennedy Wilson is a complete 180 from our boutique experience at Century Park Realty, Kennedy Wilson’s entrepreneurial spirit and team made the transition very smooth.

DS: How will your entrepreneurial and business acumen in starting Century Park Realty help you in this new work environment?

JR: Although our brokerage division at Kennedy Wilson is set up in a corporate environment, at its heart, we are all entrepreneurs who have come together to continue building something greater as a team. By re-introducing some of the foundations of a start-up from Century Park, and implementing certain processes and systems that fueled our success, we believe we are creating an unstoppable team that appeals to an even broader client base.

Whether we are working with small and expanding organizations or household brands, we can better serve clients with our distinctive, yet cohesive backgrounds and abilities. In terms of my personal experience in building Century Park Realty, I inherently covered every position in the firm, from marketing and business development to accounting and legal, so that agility allows me to provide lift to this team wherever needed, and I plan to do exactly that.

DS: How do you foresee your retail experience with Century Park Realty translating to Kennedy Wilson? 

DP: I jumped into my retail tenant representation career with Northwest Atlantic in NYC in 2011, but I chose to move back to LA, where I was born and raised, to expand that model because I believe that no one in LA is doing it correctly. I can confidently say that the business isn’t handled the way it should be, and I wanted to change that. I chose to do this at Century Park Realty, as we had a customer-oriented and boutique approach to retail brokerage that prioritized the needs of our clients. By bringing our approach and retail roster to Kennedy Wilson, we will be able to leverage resources that can take our operation to the next level. It will be very beneficial to the longevity of our business, while also promoting new relationships. Here, we are able to take on a larger workload and reach new heights.

DS: How do you (or will you) leverage technology to serve your clients at Kennedy Wilson?

JR: The biggest difference in technology working at Kennedy Wilson when compared to my prior firm is actually human capital, since this is what enables a company to maximize technologies. After all, technology alone cannot feel the pulse of a marketplace like individuals can. Garbage in, garbage out. It’s the people behind the technology who make it a successful tool. We used some real estate technology at Century Park Realty, but now we can better take advantage of those resources, and more, by utilizing the breadth, depth and experience of this team.

DP: At Century Park Realty, we of course used all the necessary industry technologies, but at Kennedy Wilson, we seem to have all that and more. I plan to take full advantage of existing and new technologies to help increase our touring capabilities, presentations and analytics. Social media is also becoming important in the retail industry, so I plan to use it to support our accounts as well.

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