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Where Your Federal Tax Money Really Goes

By: Daniella Soloway

Uncle Sam has a long list of things to take care of, and your federal tax dollars play a big role in funding the list. According to CNN Money, the average U.S. household pays $13,000 in federal income taxes. So, where do the dollars go?

Based on a breakdown of the $4.2 trillion federal budget in 2015 delineated by the National Priorities Project, the following summarizes the top 10 places where income tax dollars are applied:

28.7% health programs
25.4% Pentagon and military
13.7% interest on debt
8% unemployment and labor programs
5% veterans’ benefits
4.6% food and agriculture programs
3.6% education programs
2.9% government expenses
1.9% housing and community programs
1.6% energy and environmental programs

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