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FOODWINEART: Homage to Leroy

By: Elliot Shirwo

Abstraction is an art of deep intuition, a mysterious mindfulness that only a gracefully blessed artist could possess. A labyrinth of color, texture, volume, composition, sensorial sinuousness, and, most profound, emotional evocation. Two artists of dissimilar palettes in the 20th Century epitomizes this revolutionary form of expressing a ubiquitous inner beauty that inspires us all— Pablo Picasso and Lalou Bize Leroy.

​The seamless and revelatory transitions in Pablo Picasso’s work from his evolutionary artistic periods (“Blue”, “Cubism”, and “Rose”) echo Leroy’s vintages of her Burgundian masterpieces. Whether the abstraction from one of Picasso’s analytical or synthetic Cubist works or from one of Leroy’s wines originating in any of her 9 Grands and 8 Premiers Cru vineyards, they both exemplify a thoughtfulness and deeper understanding of the impacts of their work in the world.

Leroy took over her father’s wine business in 1955 at the age of 23, oversaw the Romaine de la Romance-Conti​ (DRC) until 1974 and since then with her own Romaine continued to emanate her respect and love for the soil, the vines, the grapes, and nature’s captivating science of yeast giving birth to wine. Through a practice and philosophy of biodynamic farming since 1988, Leroy preserves an integrity with her craft and her art of illuminating nature’s way.
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