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Forbes Billionaires: How’d They Make It?

In 2016, there were 400 American billionaires on Forbes list, and 266 of those are self-made. For a group that’s worth a combined $491 billion, the big question arises as to how they made it happen. Forbes broke down the industries, and the ways in which these billionaires earned their fortunes.

Here’s how they rank by number of the Fortune 400 in each sector:

1. Finance and Investments: 93

2. Technology: 55

3. Food & Beverage: 42

4. Real Estate: 33

5. Fashion & Retail: 32

6. Media & Entertainment: 29

7. Energy: 25

8. Sports: 19

9. Service: 18

10. Healthcare: 16

Go forth and prosper…wisely!

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