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From Inception to Facility Management: A Building’s 3D Identity

3D technology is helping shape the commercial real estate industry before projects even break ground, but what about using this technology to help with building management? That’s what Stereograph 3D, a company born in France, is bringing to the business.

Connect Silicon Valley brought together a wide array of commercial real estate professionals to the San Jose Capital Club last week. Connect Media’s Daniella Soloway chatted with Stereograph 3D’s Country Manager Thibault Thomas during the recent Connect Silicon Valley conference to learn more about 3D’s depth and breadth, and to understand how the technology helping the industry build and manage projects more efficiently.


Q. Tell me about Stereograph’s 3D solutions and how the technology came to be.

A. Stereograph was created 10 years ago in France as an architectural visualization company: we created great 3D renderings, videos, and then moved into creating apps for real estate developers.

Four years ago, we decided to bring our 3D expertise to fix a problem in the Smart Building world. There is a revolution happening in the architectural field, called Building Information Modeling (BIM). It is a new way of working that results in an amazing, comprehensive 3D file that gathers all information about an upcoming building. Consider it to be a 3D identity card, if you will.

This gold mine is used a lot during conception, and later in construction. But, it often gets forgotten during actual building management! We offer to make BIM files the cornerstone of Facility Management instead, by connecting it to any Building Automation Software. The result is a light, innovative 3D web interface that gathers all the static data from BIM files, and real-time data from any sort of sensors or Information Systems.

“This is important because data alone is worthless, but data with context becomes information.”

Q. Who benefits most from 3D visualization? How has it helped the CRE industry?

A. When developers or architects are expected to present a new project, they cannot show up with blueprints and old-fashioned drawings anymore. Technology is revolutionizing every market, so it only makes sense that it will benefit the real estate industry – or the building industry, on a larger scale. In “hot” areas, buildings are now fully leased before construction even starts! Our technology helps future tenants understand what they are getting into, which, in turn, allows developers to minimize risk with faster leasing.

In the Bay area, we have worked with The Sobrato Organization, Sand Hill Property, South Bay Development, SOM, Sares Regis, among others.

Q. Who benefits from BIM for Facility Management?

A. Our software benefits big companies with many building assets, especially those who have a hard time centralizing their data. By extension, a software like ours benefits everyone on the BIM value chain (architects, engineers, etc.) by giving an even bigger value to BIM files. BIM files are forgotten during a building’s actual life for now, although it represents 80% of its budget (only 20% goes to conception and construction).

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