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Fulfilling Fulfillment: Robots and Humans Working Together

If robots take over, will humans have jobs? Many employees are asking this question, as automation continues to infiltrate the workplace. According to PwC, 38% of US jobs are at “high risk of being automated by 2030.”

One company is easing employees’ concerns, while fully automating their fulfillment center. Boxed, a Union, New Jersey-based bulk mobile shopping start-up, is using robots for shipping, but promised that no humans will be left behind. Instead of laying off the workers that the robots have replaced, Boxed is training its employees to manage new and better paying tasks that have to do with packaging. Other employees will move on to customer service roles.

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang says, “Automation is great for profits, but it’s a real potential trouble area for society. If you invest in your people and treat them well, it’s a different way to increase profits.”

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