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The Future of CRE is in Their Hands

With over 500 CRE professionals in the audience, Connect Orange County’s “Now Generation” took to the stage to shed light on how CRE’s recent past has contributed to their decision-making today, and what their choices hold for the future.

Moderated by Snyder Langston’s Jo-E Immel, the panel answered many questions, from the lessons they learned in the industry when the bubble popped, to the benefits of staying with one organization for a long time.

Here’s a quick look at what they had to say:

  • Jo-E Immel: Finding your paths in CRE when the bubble popped, what lessons did you learn that you use today?
    • HFF’s Kevin Mackenzie: Manage your capital stack appropriately
    • LBA Realty’s Eric Brown: Learn to be nimble and flexible; always be open to new opportunities
    • Trammell Crow Company’s Chris Tipre: Diversify your skill set, and be able to wear many hats
    • Pendulum Property Partners’ Kevin Hayes: Learn everyone’s job, understand that there’s no plan greater than a cycle, and adhere to Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule to become an expert
  • Jo-E Immel: With many millennials jumping from job to job, what does longevity mean in an organization today?
    • Chris Tipre: There’s tremendous value in staying with the same company in this industry, and that allows you to see a deal numerous times as they all take shape differently
    • Kevin Mackenzie: The majority of successful people I’ve always known have stuck with their jobs for a while

In an industry where networking is key, there’s always someone who is willing to be a mentor, lend a hand, or even simply answer a question. According to these young experts who have worked their way up, CRE promotes a mentality of “paying it forward.”

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