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Golf Courses 2.0: Hiking Trails and Greenspace

Once upon a time, the American Dream, for many, involved a house in a master-planned community with a golf course. If you were lucky, your house might actually back onto the back nine.

These days, however, golf courses aren’t as popular, as they’re giving way to amenities including extensive trail networks, education centers and even shared gardens. Such extras provide residents with not only a connection to the great outdoors, but a connection to their neighbors, as well.

Additionally, trees are no longer being sacrificed for flat plains of grass. In many cases, developers are working with the land to include trees in an MPC’s green space, parks and trails. For example, New Home Co.’s Russell Ranch MPC in Folsom, CA is rugged and hilly. As such, the developer is putting in mountain biking and hiking trails that fit well into the topography.

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