October 23, 2015 Comments Off on Google Employee Lives in Truck on Campus Views: 775 Bay Area

Google Employee Lives in Truck on Campus

Looking to afford rent in the Bay Area? Brandon, a 23-year old Google employee, found a way around expensive rent by purchasing a 16-foot 2006 Ford truck for $10,000 that he made into his home.

The thought of throwing away money on exorbitant rent costs that wasn’t going into equity or investment spurred this decision for Brandon, who, over the course of four months, has lowered his student loans by about $6,000. His main cost is monthly insurance at $121, and he eats and showers at work.

After five months of this living set-up, Brandon says that he has not only benefitted financially, but he has also adapted to living minimally, which will benefit him later down the line if he decides to travel the world.

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