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Grocery Stores: Offering More than Just Food

Once upon a time, grocery shopping was mainly about buying food, and little else. These days, however, shoppers want to do more than put canned goods and meats into their carts. They want experiences while they mull over the freshness of a honeydew melon.

Some grocers are starting to pick up on that trend. Some chains provide the backstory of food that is sea-to-plate and farm-to-table. At these stores, you can learn everything from harvesting conditions to at-home preparation tips.

Shoppers also want personalized options. Hot food sections of many supermarkets boast made-to-order meals as extensive as a restaurant’s, with gluten-free and vegan options. Added to this, technology is also a part of the grocery experience, with shoppers relying on digital devices to research what they buy, before they buy it.

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