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Healthcare Costs for Family of Four Equal a New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

The average American family of four spent $7,726 on healthcare costs last year, for those with employer-provided coverage, according to a new analysis from Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). To put that in perspective, you can buy a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle for roughly the same amount.

To get specific, the average American family spent $4,706 on premiums and $3,020 on out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles and co-payments in 2018. That represents an increase of 67% since 2008.

If you include the employer’s share of healthcare costs, the price tag increases to $22,885 annually, which is about the cost of a compact car, a Honda Insight or a Volkswagen Beetle, for example. That’s an increase of 56% since 2008.

Cynthia Cox, vice president of KFF, tweeted about the analysis and the cost of healthcare for families and employers. “It’s a lot,” she said.

In fact, healthcare costs have risen twice as fast as wages and three times faster than inflation over the last decade, according to KFF’s analysis. During that 10-year period, wages rose 31%, and inflation increased 21%.

Roughly half the U.S. population gets its health coverage through an employer. On average, employees of large firms contribute 34% of the total cost of coverage for themselves and their families. That’s a 2% increase compared to a decade ago.

Families contribute 67% more to their health benefits than they did a decade ago, according to KFF. Meanwhile, employers contribute 51% more.

For employees, the increase is driven primarily by rising deductibles. According to KFF, there’s been a significant increase in both the share of workers who must meet an annual deductible, and in the size of the deductible.

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