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Here’s Why Zell Says Trump’s ‘Cacophony’ Doesn’t Make Him Unfit

When Sam Zell speaks, it is similar to the line in the old E.F. Hutton commercial, “people listen.” What the billionaire CRE investor and founder of Chicago-based Equity Group Investments is saying these days adds an interesting perspective to the national narrative.

In particular, Zell believes the “cacophony” surrounding the merits of President Donald Trump’s ability to lead the country is unfounded. He says Trump has the competence needed, and all the talk about Trump being unfit for office is just “a bunch of stuff.”

Zell notes a healthy dose of skepticism should be applied to the high volume of information (leaks and political innuendos) intended to damage the president. He says, that he’s “not exactly sympathetic with the president,” though he is “very sympathetic that it just keeps happening.”

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