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THE HIRING SQUAD: How to Find the Right Fit

In this executive Q&A, Kent Elliott, principal at RETS Associates, a leading national executive search and staffing firm that focuses specifically on the real estate industry, sits down with Brian Wilson, principal in the Los Angeles office of Bridge Development Partners, to discuss future expansion of their industrial development pipeline.

Bridge Development Partners is backed by one of the largest institutional investors in the United States, and has plans to grow not only its development pipeline, but also its national corporate team in the coming years.

Kent Elliott (KE): How is Bridge differentiating itself to attract top talent in an ultra-competitive hiring market?

Brian Wilson (BW): Throughout the search, we worked with RETS to best communicate our competitive advantage to each candidate. We recognize that offering the potential for growth within a company is very attractive to a broad range of candidates including many Millennials today. It was also important to share the nature of our dynamic team, modern culture and aggressive approach to competing with the large industrial developers in the region.

We are in a growth mode following our first two years in Los Angeles and continued equity allocations from our capital partner for our nationwide platform. The commitment from our capital source offers a tremendous amount of growth potential for us both individually and as a company. This type of opportunity is very exciting to many, including Millennials, because they can learn, take responsibility and experience the fast pace of industrial real estate development. By clearly communicating the pieces of our company that differentiate us, candidates can picture themselves here and be part of the future growth.


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