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Holiday Shoppers to Retailers: Entertain Me

A survey conducted by retail property developer Petrie-Richardson Ventures (PRV) indicated that, for the most part, holiday shoppers aren’t wedded to all online shopping, all the time. Specifically, the social and entertainment aspects of retail shopping beat the online experience.

In questioning more than 1,000 Americans aged 18 years and above, PRV learned that 75% of respondents felt it was important to get away from the home or work environment, 57% preferring to be in a stimulating environment, and 66% are motivated by new products available only in stores.

But few wanted to completely give up technology. Respondents indicated they liked smartphone apps for on-the-spot discounts and inventory searches. The survey “underscores the need for retailers to be aggressive and creative in attracting shoppers into the bricks-and-mortar environment,” said PRV’s president and COO Terry Richardson.

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