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Containers as Houses in San Antonio’s Pearl District?

In an effort to combat rising land and construction costs, San Antonio-based Disruptive Construction is starting work on a four-townhome concept – consisting of containers. The property at 825 E. Park Ave., is being promoted as a “proof of concept” project, that is serving as an experiment for infill developments that tend to be more expensive to build.

The townhomes are across the river from Hotel Emma, as well as additional retail, office, multifamily and entertainment components at the increasingly busy Pearl District. Once the site of a former brewery, the Pearl District today is a culturally “hip”’ place near the Riverwalk.

Container homes, residences built from shipping containers, have risen in popularity because they are inexpensive, compact and eco-friendly. Disruptive Construction’s prototypes will have three-to-four bedrooms, with a two-car garage, and rooftop living space. They can be completed in 90 days, and have a starting price of $799,000.

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