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Housing and the Gender Gap . . . It Exists

A great deal of gender-gap discussion focuses on pay disparity. Now Rent Café has added another topic to the mix, that of housing disparity. Because the median income of men is, on average, 35% higher than that of women in the 50 largest U.S. cities, it also means that women, specifically, single women, are being locked out of decent housing.

In determining that housing costs shouldn’t take up more than 30% of income, Rent Café (with help from PropertyShark) pointed out that single women can afford to buy only a small house in 27 cities. The stats don’t get much better when it comes to renting – only two cities have rental rates in reach of single women salaries. Meanwhile, single men can happily afford their rented bachelor pads in 18 cities.

But some cities don’t discriminate – they seem to close the door so to speak, on ALL singles. Manhattan, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Diego and San Jose are the top five locales in which rental housing and home ownership is unaffordable to those who are unmarried or without significant other, no matter the gender.

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