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How Our Present Met “Back to the Future” Premonitions

This past Wednesday, we experienced the “future” as Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown traveled from 1985 to October 21, 2015 in the classic film, ‘Back to the Future II’.

Interestingly enough, some of the predictions were spot on, while others missed the mark. For example, holograms promoting Jaws 19 greeted Marty in the film, similar to the Tupac hologram that Coachella festival-goers met in 2012. Hoverboards, like those that Lexus and Hendo debuted this year, fueled Marty’s escape from Biff Tannen. Futuristic glasses, like Google Glass, appear in the film and video chatting, which is ubiquitous nowadays, are predictions that are reality.

On the other hand, Pepsi soda cost $50 in the film, which is about $48 more than they actually do cost today. For the most part, our present matches the “future” very closely.

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