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How Technology Maintained Connections During Harvey

Hurricane Harvey swept ashore in southeast Texas, where it left behind a lot of damage and a flooded major metropolitan area. However, business writer Mary Ann Azevedo, in writing for CrunchBase, indicated that technology kept the population in harm’s way connected, while aiding in rescue and recovery efforts.

Azevedo described Houston Harvey Rescue, a critical rescue system that led to more than 7,600 active rescues, even as the city’s 911 system was overwhelmed. Technology non-profit Sketch City, teaming up with Olivia AI, created Texas Rescue map; Sketch City also worked with Code for America volunteers to create Harvey Needs, connecting storm victims with resources. Apps, social media . . . all other technologies were also of enormous assistance.

“While there’s no way technology can make up for all the losses . . .” Azevedo said, “it did help in rescue and aid efforts.”

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