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Industry Leaders Call for Design-Build

New York City agencies could save $158-million and cut more than 18 months from the time it takes to build projects by using the techniques of design-build, in which the same entity that designs a project builds the project.

A bill that would authorize design-build for eight major properties in New York City now languishes in the New York State Legislature.

“This legislation has been blocked for three years by defenders of a status quo that is not working for taxpayers, and is depriving us of badly needed public infrastructure,” said Kathryn Wylde, president and CEO of the Partnership for New York City in an open letter to the Legislature.

“Design-build is the best practice for infrastructure improvements, and has become the industry standard,” said Carlo A. Scissura, president & CEO of the New York Building Congress, who also signed the letter, along with a long list of industry leaders.

“When designers and contractors collaborate in the earliest stages of a project, we all win,” he said. “It’s time for New York to join the federal government and virtually every state already benefiting from the efficiencies of design-build.”

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