October 2, 2015 Comments Off on Inside In N Out’s Secret Menu Views: 1130 Connect Classroom

Inside In N Out’s Secret Menu

Everyone’s favorite West Coast burger joint has a secret menu. Thrillist did the public a solid and ranked the secret menu. They ordered all of the options (~$60 well-spent), and surprisingly, only a few animal style options made it. Ready to salivate? The list includes the option to extra toast your burger, mix every shake flavor to create a Neapolitan, and for those looking for a “healthier” option, try protein style–drop the burger bun and trade it for a lettuce wrapped burger. From extra toasted to extra spicy, there’s something for everyone.

And speaking of something for everyone, be sure to RSVP and join us at Connect’s first Pop Up event on Tuesday, October 6 at 12-2PM. We will be taking over the expansive and available retail space on the ground floor of 515 Figueroa bringing you In N Out, music, networking, and prizes. Make your Tuesday feel like a Friday and join us!

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