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Is China’s Manufacturing Future in America?

Sizable shifts are underway in global manufacturing and logistics, and they are tilting towards America. A search for industrial space in the U.S. involving Chinese shoe manufacturer, Dongguan Winwin Industrial, reflects the trend.

The move by Chinese companies to seek facilities in America started long before the new presidential administration took over. A report by Reshoring Initiative shows incoming jobs is nearly matching the exodus of U.S. factory jobs now.

The shift parallels changes transpiring across the supply chain, including rising wages and taxes in China, increased shipping costs and slow shipping times. Opening a facility in America begins to make sense for Chinese companies seeking to remain competitive when they factor in lower U.S. real estate and energy costs.

A key attraction for Chinese companies is advanced manufacturing. Automation in U.S. facilities helps offset factory floor labor costs, and is expected to drive future demand for skilled technicians.

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