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Is Florida Baby Boomer Central? Yes and No

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The oldest of the Baby Boomers are now in their early 70s, while the youngest will turn 55 this year, meaning that thoughts of retirement can’t be too far in the future. That being the case, it stands to reason that the Woodstock generation is most likely to be found these days playing golf in Arizona or maybe fly-fishing along a Gulf Coast beach—or aspiring to do these things.

Look at the zip codes where Boomers are most numerous, though, and a different picture emerges. While the greatest shares of Boomer-aged residents can be found in various Florida and Arizona zip codes, the greatest numbers are in New York City.

From zip code 11234 in Brooklyn to 10002 in Manhattan, 14 of the top 20 zip codes by Boomer population can be found within the five boroughs, according to RentCafé. An Arizona zip code—85308, within Glendale, AZ—doesn’t even appear in the ranking until you get down to 16th place.

“This certainly challenges the myth that all seniors prefer Florida, with New York City boasting almost half as many baby boomers as the entire state of Florida: 1.4 million versus 3.9 million,” according to RentCafé. Given the fact that renters outnumber homeowners in New York, it also suggests that apartment living isn’t only for the young folks.

“Claiming 14 zip codes in our top 20, NYC does a fairly good job catering to the needs of its older residents with various senior discounts (from transportation to entertainment), social programs and cultural activities.”

Texas doesn’t even figure in the top 20 when it comes to the zip codes with the greatest numbers of Boomers. However, the Lone Star State fares better in another RentCafé ranking, that of the zip codes with the fastest-growing Boomer populations.

On that score, various Texas metro areas contribute eight of the top 20 zip codes. Austin’s 78754, which saw its Baby Boomer population increase by 74% between 2012 and 2017, is second only to zip code 89138 in Las Vegas, where the Boomer cohort increased by 79% during the same period.

“Living in Las Vegas can be a smart choice for seniors, as they get to enjoy not just sunny weather, but also a wide range of entertainment options, and that laissez-faire lifestyle that the area has to offer, without having to put a lot of money into housing and taxes,” RentCafé says.

“According to the latest Census data, close to 2,000 residents belonging to the Baby Boomer generation called this area home, but given this rapid rate of increase, that number is bound to rise.”

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